Trump’s Volatility – Gift Horse Opportunity for London’s Property Market.


Deregulation. Or less regulation. That's the magic wand Trump, a homebuilder by birth, is waving over the nation's real estate industry at present. Proposed deregulation action is expected to bolster the real estate sector, with industry forecasts indicating that most, if not all real estate categories in the US are heading for solid gains this year.

Housing activity generally is also expected to get a boost if Trump's planned tax breaks for corporations and the country's billion-dollar investment in infrastructure are approved by Congress.

That said, Trump's signature outspokenness could well stymie investment  in other key segments of the market.

A loud and clear example: wealthy Chinese condominium buyers fled San Francisco after the President announced during his campaign and even after his Jan. 20 Inauguration that a trade war between China and the U.S. was still possible. If the Chinese investment block as whole feels it is unwelcome in the U.S. the may well turn their property attentions elsewhere. Cue London.

A further US default fillip to UK luxury residential and commercial markets, may well come from Middle Eastern buyers - especially if Trump's vitriolic anti-Islamic rhetoric doesn't slow down.

UK estate agents in the main seem fairly optimistic about Trump's influence on our halcyon capital. There's agreement with his vision for smaller, not larger international trade markets. Thanks to that mind-set, we might just see more US investors opting to buy into already popular areas including Regent's Park, Grosvenor Square and West London.

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