Serious Lights for Second Homes


A holiday home should be all about ‘liveability’. So keep that aspiration in mind when choosing your lighting, advises Alex Pratt owner and founder of award-winning lighting company Serious Readers.

Finding the perfect combination of form and function can be a tricky feat when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home. Not only are there the aesthetic considerations to take into account, but also the practical ‘essentials’ from maximising ‘brightness’ in work and play zones to finding flexible lighting solutions for everyday activities such as cooking, reading and computer work.

Today, the choice of lighting on the market is as boundless as the imaginations of the designers who create them. With so many options to consider however it can be all too easy to make inappropriate choices, so take your time when planning the layout of your holiday-home and that includes giving plenty of thought to lighting configurations. Treat each living space as a separate ‘project’ and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what suits you and your living environment best.


Alex’s Top Lighting Tips

  • Outlook - assess the amount of natural daylight an individual room receives and whether it’s north or south-facing. This will determine light levels at different times of the year and the type of light that a room needs. A north facing room will only receive a minimal amount of light even in summer. Bear in mind too, that in some countries it starts to get dark in the afternoon during the winter months so opt for a mix of lighting options with a higher luminescence to help offset the gloom.
  • Kitchen - illuminate key features such as counter-tops and work areas. Bright, clean light rather than an ambient radiance should be the primary focus. Focused under-cupboard lights pointed down onto work surfaces as well as recessed ceiling spotlights work well. If the kitchen is used as a social area too, consider a dimmer option.
  • Bedroom – this haven should be all about rest and relaxation so think about different types of mood lighting such as dim controlled pendant lights, floor-standing uplighters and bedside lamps which will instantly create a sense of well-being.
  • Hallway – create a good first impression and make lighting warm and welcoming. Opt for ‘soft’ designs such as hanging pendants, wall sconces, lanterns and chandeliers. Combined with large mirrors which play on light and shade, you’ll create an area that is instantly welcoming.
  • Living room – go for easily controllable, functional lighting and take into consideration natural daylight. Blend ceiling pendant or track lighting with strategically placed floor-standing uplighters which can be independently switched on and off as needs dictate. Dimmer switches are also ideal for living room situations where TV screen glare is an issue.
  • Bathroom - try a mix of effects depending on your mood and room layout. Bright, clean white light such as halogen spots create maximum light, while a single, focused downlight is ideal for illuminating a single area such as the shower. You may also want to consider a controlled dimmer switch for creating that warm bath time glow.
  • Study - for task areas such as a home study or office, a two-pronged approach is best. Choose clear, direct light such as a halogen desk lamp to illuminate a workstation, desk or reading area and soft, dimmable lighting for when a more relaxed mood is required for leisure use.


Serious Readers - The Story

After 25 years making lights relied upon by surgeons and scientists who absolutely have to see as well as possible, Alex Pratt founder of Serious Readers made the first Serious reading light for his mum who had been unable to find a high-quality, durable reading light anywhere else. Since then the company has helped over 250,000 people around the globe see more clearly.

“Finding a great light isn’t easy,” explains Alex, “which is why after building lights used in the toughest conditions such as in space, under the oceans and on board lifeboats, we always felt we could do a better job in the home environment. Light is hugely important, especially for close up activities like reading and computer work. All light is not the same however. At Serious Brands we understand that your eyes are unique to you so you need as much control to change the settings as possible.”

The Serious Readers Lighting Range

From ‘High Definition’ to ‘Classic’, each SR light is designed with a specific role in mind. All models share a common design so you can mix and match different options to your specific needs at different locations at home.

SR lights use bespoke 3,500 Kelvin light engines with enhanced colour correction properties and are conveniently controlled from a switch on the lamp head. Studies have shown 3,500 Kelvin to be the optimum colour temperature for close concentration.

Halogen or LED?

Halogen provides a slightly higher quality light while LEDs are more energy efficient, run cooler and last for much longer. Many SR models are available in both formats. The patented high definition light source is halogen-only. All models, including the LED versions have replaceable bulbs and are supplied with one fitted as standard.

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