Lighting Trends for 2017


Much like the fashion industry, trends in lighting design experience frequent fluctuation. However, these trends indicate where the lighting industry’s currently at, where it’s going and reflect the latest technology and ingenuity in the design world.

We’re seeing more and more architects, property developers and interior designers bring a lighting designer on board during the early stages of a project – to enhance the vision and ensure that the design narrative of the build reflects what’s available in the lighting market.

A lighting designer will also ensure that the new system is energy efficient. It currently takes around two years for our schemes, including design fees, to pay for themselves.

Recently we’ve seen a move away from coloured lights, with far less reds, blues and greens being used in homes and hotels. Instead different shades of white LEDs are being used, with a much better effect.

Minimalist LED lighting is certainly looking to be on trend this year, with the popularity of contemporary and modern designs continuing to grow. LED fittings also have the advantage of long life spans and being economical in maintenance costs. It undoubtedly looks like this is the way the future of lighting is headed.

Another trend we see growing this year is smart lighting solutions. These wireless systems allow you to use your smartphone to control your lights independently, or in groups. A great way to create ambience and mood.

Gold is also increasingly popular in the interior design and lighting scheme world – think gold with an industrial aesthetic and you’re on to a winner!

The creation of a lighting scheme is very easy to get wrong. Our job is to bring lots of elements together – not just the lighting itself, but cost, maintenance, mood and atmosphere to name just a few. Ensure that the vision you have for your property is shown in the best light and include a lighting designer within your project team.

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