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John Hitchcox, founder of Yoo, reveals which countries are leading the way in world of residential real estate design.

Over the last few years we’ve been working increasingly in Asia and India. These regions have developed an aesthetic sensibility that is very receptive to our approach to design. Projects such as Lodha Evoq in Mumbai and Acqua Iguazu in Manila are great examples of how sophisticated consumers in these regions are and what they now expect from high-end, luxury living. Yoo’s diverse portfolio of brands and creative directors has allowed us to tap into the eclectic tastes and needs of a global community. But our global approach to design is also paired with a local sensibility. This philosophy suits these regions as there is a sense of wanting something truly cosmopolitan and global whilst not losing connectivity to the local surroundings.

Asia as a market is also in sync with the passion for creating communities. In the case of Yoo it’s not just about designing homes, but also about creating lifestyles through the delivery of amenity spaces and common areas where people can come together. We’ve cultivated the concept of ‘Vertical Villages’, with the aim that even in high density living, people can find a sense of community. India and Asia are open to the idea of communal spaces with the concept of family and community being at the heart of everyday life.

But it is not just Asia that is leading the way in high end residential living . Last year, the company  launched two projects in Russia with a third planned for this year. The Russian consumer has a highly developed sense of what luxury and elegance is and a level of expectation that accompanies that. This has allowed us to produce some of the most opulently, luxurious interiors for a very discerning and mature market.

‘How to fashion the look’ - Textural Landscape

Lodha Evoq is a master plan residential project of ten high-rise towers. The most exclusive of the ten towers offers Yoo Inspired by Starck interiors, taking inspiration from Minimal and Classic design palettes. The interior is further inspired by Mumbai’s local cotton mill industry and the long-held Indian tradition of producing and working with fabrics. The fabric concept is ‘stitched’ like a thread through all spaces of the interior, highlighting hidden details to create a playful interaction. The concept is also reflected in the use of bespoke fabrics, textures, patterns that are processed in various ways such as weaving, stitching and knitting. The fabric elements work to create a juxtaposition with the architecture, defining the boundaries between the hard and soft. The simple colour scheme is inspired by a neutral but warm palette of metal finishes based around soft gold, creating a gentle glow akin to a morning sunrise.  The metal finishes allow for simplicity in the colour scheme which does not detract from the focus on fabric patterns and textured surfaces.

‘How to fashion the look’ - Contemporary Aristocrat

Barkli Virgin House is located on the beautiful Golden Mile in Moscow. It is an exclusive development designed by Kelly Hoppen  in one of Moscow’s most prestigious locations and features 21 luxurious apartments. Four luxurious palettes including Vintage, Sea Breeze, Green and Urban were employed in the scheme. Neutrals are the centre point of the Kelly Hoppen for Yoo style, creating a sense of tranquillity and calm. Vintage pieces, art and flowers feature heavily to accessorize and bring life to a room which adds individual personality to the home. The brand has a strong design aesthetic with a simple but opulent style, often using contrasting materials and luxurious fabrics and furnishings. In the lobby of Barkli Virgin House a marble stone runner was employed to create a distinctive contrast and perspective cutting through a black lacquered timber floor. The timber slatted arches that form the main hallway echo the stone arch in the front elevation of the building in a contemporary and elegant way. The spacing between the arches creates a play on perspective through the lobby and cast striking shadows onto the dark grey marble walls. Furniture  features throughout the lobby and pieces are  complimented by large pendant chandeliers and accessories specifically selected for the space.

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