Give Your Place in the Sun the Twice Over


Overseas property bargains are ripe for picking at present but make sure you’re clued up about what you’re getting into.

Impulse purchases rarely make sound investments; so if you have a pleasant tingling in your bones about a buying abroad at present, put it to the test. That beachfront villa may look irresistible when the sun’s out, but will it be quite as alluring in the depths of winter?

Evaluate Access - in many countries there’s a vast difference in accessibility (flights, train schedules), climate (leaden skies or tropical storms) and open amenities (many businesses and facilities shut down during the quieter months). So make a point of visiting the region at least twice, once in the high season and also during the off-peak months.

Do a rekkie of the region - whirlwind inspection trips organised by developers or agents can be a good introduction to an area (you might even get a free stay out of it), but wine-dine-and-sign-on-the-line tours should only ever be for testing the investment waters. For subsequent visits, set your own agenda. Get a feel for what makes the region tick and what attractions will keep you coming back for more.

Become a Secret Shopper - tour resort projects you like again without a sales chaperone chattering in your ear – better still, drop in without an appointment to see what’s really going on behind the scenes. Take time too, to view a range of other properties with local agents and compare neighbourhoods and price points. Before you leave, get an ‘insider view’ from UK owners with property to let in the region – you can follow this up back home through rental websites such as Having a good nose around is essential before buying any property. If your love-at-first sight purchase is meant to be – due diligence won’t stand in your way.

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