Investing in hand-crafted furniture was once the only way to furnish a home. Before machine manufacturing and the rise of mass production, you really needed craftsmanship, a keen eye and expertise to elevate a living space.

With this, you acquired pieces which told a story, and could stand the test of time. Today, a good part of this creative  journey has veered off into the ‘Ikea’ stratosphere of lifeless furniture. One artisan however has kept the art of the craft at the forefront of every single one of his designs.

UK-born Sebastian Blakeley set up his design practice to create and produce signature tables and chairs, developing a business which has predictably garnered him international acclaim.

Heavily influenced by his formative years in Italy, Sebastian’s skill set ranges from restoration to wood and metal working.

He readily admits that his heart and soul go into every innovative creation - the end-result, is something he calls “the inheritance of tomorrow” – products that provoke thought, the need to touch and feel and engage with. His edgy, contemporary chic pieces illustrate his seemingly effortless ability to combine great style with well thought out functionality.

Effortless is somewhat far from the truth when it comes to the conception of his designs. He explains: “We work closely with clients to personalise specific pieces from the collection and indeed to design and create beautifully crafted one-off commissions. Assignments can be as diverse as a timber studio to an exquisite three-piece suite, console or chaise-longue.”

Sebastian’s fastidious attention to detail in relation to the materials that he chooses to work with, is replicated in the diligence he applies to connecting with clients. He adds: “It’s through the strength and depth of these conversations combined with an understanding of the relevant environment, that allow me to deliver a design solution. Once visualised, the journey truly begins to produce a project that satisfies and fulfills a client’s needs, wishes and expectations.”

For Sebastian, it’s important not to impose a design idea or concept that comes only from the head. It’s only through listening with one’s whole being to the client, the architecture, interior design and the surrounding nature, that you can come up with a design solution that sings.”

Sebastian’s upmost respect for planet earth’s flora and fauna means that all clients are likely to be subjected to a mini lecture on “responsibilities to planet earth” and “how we should or shouldn’t use certain materials or products.”

“I would honestly say that it takes a brave soul to commission work from us - as it can be quite an experience,” he smiles. “What my partner and I create are the heirlooms of tomorrow, not just because of their understated and streamlined elegance, but also because we ensure every piece is structurally accomplished and inherently distinctive.”

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