Fractional Ownership With The Hideaways Club


Know the legal ins and outs, says Stephen Wise of The Hideaways Club

In recent years, consistently falling confidence in financial markets has led to increasing numbers of people investing their money in tangible assets around the globe. The opportunity to have something physical in the short term, as well as the strong possibility of a solid return in the long-term is very appealing. Benchmark cities such as Dubai and Hong Kong which are experiencing strong growth and impressive appreciation in the past few years are cases in point.

But when buying a second home overseas, investors come across many different laws and regulations in relation to fees and taxes, not to mention the nuts and bolts legal aspects of the purchase. Those planning to buy in Europe for example, will typically pay ten per cent in related charges over and above the purchase price of the property.

Also, UK-based investors must pay Capital Gains Tax of 18 per cent on any sold home in which they make a profit. This rate can vary considerably from country to country. It’s therefore crucial to be aware of these nuances in order to minimise the risk of falling short financially – not to mention making sure that the actual investment is a worthwhile one.

The best way to prepare ahead is to employ the services of a legal expert/advisor, and ensure that you have a full understanding of the financial and legal protocol relating to the specific country in which you are looking to purchase.

One innovative option available to buyers is that of fractional ownership with The Hideaways Club leaders in this niche field. So how does it work? Put simply, investors put money into a portfolio of properties across the globe, which allows them to holiday in a variety of destinations. One of the main advantages of fractional ownership is that the legal hassles buyers can face when buying in a foreign country are taken away, with the Club handling all aspects of the purchase process. Interested? Then read on…

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