Designing with Colour


At Iggi Interior Design colour isn’t the enemy. On the contrary, we positively encourage our clients to embrace colour, and be bold in using it. In recent years, interior styling especially in the UK, has seen a heavy focus on neutral palettes. Understandably so. It’s a quintessentially classic look with universal appeal. At Iggi however, we believe that injecting colour into an interior design scape can ultimately step up the finished result.

Working with colour however, can be a daunting prospect. There are many shades and tones to choose from with as many examples of colour clashes in the worlds’ of fashion and interiors.

As professional designers, we have a natural eye for colour and for what works well in combination. We understand too, that it’s not always easy for clients to make those pairing choices. An integral part of our role is to educate clients about colour and to allay any fears they may have about incorporating them into their design schemes. First and foremost, it's about understanding the basics. The colour wheel is the first step on that journey when reviewing colours that work well together. Using headline colours and assessing what works and what clashes is the foundation for creating a more in-depth colour scheme with different tones and hues. All the colours of the world, including fabrics, stem from this colour wheel.

Within the wheel you will see different combinations that work in harmony and for different reasons. A monochrome scheme for example, applies one colour, but this could be different tones of for instance blue. Added to this, are complementary colour schemes which tend to be pairings of colours which work well together. You may also choose to use an analogous scheme - darker to lighter and in similar tones such as orange to yellow as well as all the colours in between.

One of the main ways in which Iggi applies colour is for the atmosphere it creates. Most colours represent something, whether it be an emotion or a statement, and there is no better time to take advantage of this when styling an interior.

Red for instance, is associated with fire which makes it a warm colour. It can create a cosy, homely feeling. We see it incorporated in the design schemes of larger traditional English country houses for this very reason. It’s also a strong colour that symbolises power and confidence – and this in itself makes a statement.

Green is regarded as a natural and fresh tone associated with growth and nature - ideal for summer houses and conservatories which are often an extension of the garden.

Often, we don’t need to explain the meaning of colour as it’s a natural ‘phenomenon’ for all of us, even without training. It does however confirm that colour has a natural place in interior design, creating an uplifting atmosphere. As interior designers this is our ultimate goal.

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