An Angel Lands at South Bank!


Installing one of my 'Greer' guardian angel sculptures in the new penthouse apartment of the South Bank Tower was a lot of fun. This piece of sculpture is carved from solid cedar wood and is No.7 in the 'Angel' series. Seeing the piece 40 floors up in central London was a special moment for me and it certainly caught peoples attention.

Considering the familiarity of the angelic figure throughout the history of art, the foundation of this work examines a deeper psychological perspective of the notion of an angel. The initial goal was to create something that could be understood regardless of culture, background, religion or creed, to investigate what the idea of an angel represents to all people.  As a universal symbol, it is an important and powerful stimulus to our psyche, releasing an abundance of positive energy.

This is the very first time a piece from the 'Angel' series has been seen in London. The setting for this piece was spectacular, with a backdrop of iconic visual landmarks such as St Pauls Cathedral and The Shard. The angel sculpture, placed in front of the glass like it could have just passed through the material, gave an uplifting wonder to the room.

Part of an ongoing series of work, 'Greer' is a character exploring tensions held within the concepts of 'angel'. Replacing primary limbs with wings significantly changes the ideology of this mythical symbol. The notion of existing as an angel becomes somewhat of an irreversible, immortal burden. The work hosts an athletic physique, realistically required for a bird-like character of this proportion. This androgynous, winged being explores the paradox between power and beauty, solidity and weightlessness, creating an ambivalent narrative to the form.

Displaying a lack of features, the character emphasises the mysterious, beautiful presence that quietly dominates the space around it.  Faceless yet arresting in its eloquent stillness, its body language commands attention and engages the imagination.

The name 'Greer' comes from the Celtic/Gaelic meaning for 'Watchful' or 'Guardian'

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